Whether it’s a long lunch with friends, intimate meal with family or a romantic escape with a loved one, there’s something for every pleasure seeker at Popolo Italian Kitchen & Bar, Brisbane’s Favourite Italian. Rediscover your passion for indulgence with an authentic Italian menu and selection of signature cocktails that’ll transport you right to the edge of the Italian Riviera.

The word “Popolo” means “people”. When you join us for the night you will discover that “people” is more than just a name, it’s a motto. Dedicated to the fine art of sharing a meal, this rare and vibrant homage to traditional Italian dining places an emphasis on the intimate ritual of eating en famiglia – with family.

With our focus on preparing the best quality, locally sourced ingredients simply, the extensive menu presents a fresh take on classic Italian fare and combines traditional skills with modern ingenuity. Dive headfirst into flavour with a range of small and large share plates brimming with exceptional seasonal produce, sustainable seafood and hand-rolled pastas. Salivate over the best pizzas in Brisbane and get in touch with the lost art of lingering over a meal with loved ones.

With an exclusive mix of Italian and Australian labels, our wine list boasts the perfect balance between old-world prestige and new world exuberance, best paired with an intimate meal overlooking the Brisbane River.

Take a long and lazy stroll down to the river and find out for yourself why Brisbane’s got Popolo on their mind.