Group Dining at Popolo

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May 19, 2016
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July 11, 2016

Group Dining at Popolo

Have you ever sat down to a nice meal at one of the best restaurants Brisbane has to offer, and you’re there feeling pretty schmick and your friends are looking suave and the place looks sensational and things are going so, so well but then – oh no! Catastrophe, disaster, shenanigans! Your lovely evening has been thrown into a tailspin because the menu has come around and it…




Now you have to make a choice. People are looking at you and the pressure is mounting. This is a grown up evening and as the beads of sweat appear on your brow you get the feeling that people are wondering if you really belong at these kind of up-market Brisbane bars and bistros.

It’s a classic conundrum (if not slightly exaggerated) but worry no more! Popolo is all about having a menu where everything is too tempting to pass up and that’s why we’re so excited about our share plates.

For small groups of two or three we offer a range of Piatti Picolli. You can all try the tre fromaggi arancini – gorgonzola, talleggio and parmesan arancini with roast pumpkin puree. Or maybe you’ll go with some classic antipasti with a selection of salumi, cheese, pickled vegetables, mustard fruits, olives and breads.

For larger groups we have a selection of Piatti Grandi such as the ravioli con zucca e ricotta, pumpkin ravioli served with pumpkin puree, amaretti crumble, grana padano and burnt sage butter. If you’re after something meatier, try the Bistecca – 400g salt and pepper crusted Wagyu rump pepperonata and grated horse radish. Those seeking something more sinful can order The Devil’s Chicken (Pollo alla Diavola), a roasted half-chicken with oregano, paprika, lemon and chilli that is as wickedly good as it sounds.

What night would be anything (let alone complete) without a range of beverages to hoose from – you might not want to share them but that certainly doesn’t mean you can only order one. We have a range of vino (both white and red) to choose from as well as a varied selection or beer, cider, and cocktails.

Come in with your friends to enjoy one of the river city’s most elegant and elevated Italian restaurants. Brisbane looks gorgeous from our locale and our incredible menu is the perfect accompaniment.