COVID Safety at Popolo

Popolo works towards an Industry Covid Safe Plan. What this means is that you can enjoy your time at Popolo without having to worry about a thing.

Some of the safety precautions we have adopted include;

  • Hand wash stations for customers and staff at all points of cross over interaction occur
  • All staff have completed COVID Safety training to and above Government standards
  • Temperature checking of all staff members before shift with strict instructions not to attend shift if feeling in any way unwell
  • Adhering to all outlines of the Queensland health COVID safe plans.
  • Details are recorded of ALL customers that enter the venue and stored for the mandatory 56 days before being destroyed
  • Limitations on the amount of customer as per the instructions of Queensland Health with tables reduced and spaced out
  • High-level disinfectants used on all surface (tables chairs etc.) and well as any other items that are handled by customers such as menus
  • A very reduced system has been implemented for our picnics as to make sure these customers stay completely separated from dine-in customers.